DOCTOR B GEL (1.7gr X 3)

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  • Doctor B G Gel is a formulated with water-based ingredients to help maintain healthy vaginal flora for genital rejuvenation and perfect balance, as well as to relieve genital dryness problems. G Gel offers a comfortable and practical application with the 3 units of disposable applicators available in its package.

    • Rejuvenates the genital area,
    • Relieves vaginal dryness problem,
    • Balances optimal vaginal pH and provides beneficial bacterial habitat,
    • Protects the vagina from harmful bacteria (aftercoming out of the) caused by pool and sea envoirement pool and the sea,
    • Ensures the genital area to remain in perfect balance after pregnancy, menopause andpostmenstrual period.
    • Removes the symptoms that accompany genital dryness,
    • Solves the irritation and discomfort problems in relation to odor, discharge, and scratchiness,
    • Supports a healthy genital environment,
    • Is hygienically transportable and practically applicable,
    • Provides an aesthetic, moist and odorless genital environment before sexual intercourse, and
    • Supports a healthy sexual relationship.

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